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R/RFHA Newsletter, June 1991                                      P.15


The original RAWLINGS home was two miles beyond the Flournoy Place, and was approached by going down a long avenue of cedars.


In August of 1930 Mrs. C. M. Winn of Norman, Oklahoma, wrote to the Commissioner of Pensions in Washington, DC, regarding information concerning two of her ancestors. Her questions were answered only in one instance.

"Dear Madam:

You are advised that it appears from the War of 1812 records of this bureau that WILLIAM ROLLINGS or WILLIAM K. ROLLINGS enlisted at Coshocton, Ohio, and served as a private in Capt. Wm. Beard's Company of Ohio Militia, from August 26, 1812, to September 26, 1812.

In 1871 he was living in Hamilton County, Indiana, aged 79 years. He married January 26, 1840, at Cicero, Indiana, Ruth Jones. She was allowed pension on her application executed April 26, 1878, while a resident of Cicero, Indiana, aged 68 years.

In 1878, Tom D. Neal stated that widow, Ruth, was his step-grandmother. There are no further family data on file.

Very truly yours,

E.W. Morgan, Acting Commissioner


From "Georgia and Georgians", a history found in the NSDAR Library in Washington, EC, recently. (P-p.3146 & 3147.


Among the members of the Washington County bar there is no name more honored than that of Hon. BENJAMIN TARBUTTON RAWLINGS, ex-judge of the Superior Court, and now engaged in an important and extensive practice at Sandersville. Judge RAWLINGS was born at this place, February 10, 1855, and is a son of FREDERIC CULLINS and Susan (Tarbutton) RAWLINGS.

WILLIAM RAWLINGS, the paternal grandfather of Judge RAWLINGS, was born in Virginia and as a youth came to Washington County, Georgia, where in later life he became a prominent and influential citizen, amassing a great acreage of plantations and owning many slaves. After a long and successful career, he passed away.

FREDERICK CULLINS RAWLINGS, his son, was born in this county in 1821, and brought up to agricultural pursuits, being engaged as a planter throughout his life. When the War Between the States came on he served in the Confederate state troops, having charge of provisions, and rendered faithful and valiant service. At the end of the war he returned to pursuits of the soil and rapidly rose to a position of distinction among the planters of this part of the state. He died at the age of 91 in 1912, in the faith of the Baptist Church which he had joined later in his life. His wife had pre-deceased him. This couple had 6 children: Dr. WILLIAM, a practicing physician and surgeon in Sandersville; CHARLES G., a leading banker of this place; LAVINIA, wife of B.E. Roughton of Macon, Georgia; ANNA, wife of William C. Butts of Atlanta; Mrs. Winifred Mayo, now deceased; and BENJAMIN TARBUTTON. After his schooling, BENJAMIN T. began practicing law in 1888; was elected solicitor general of the Middle Circuit, and after 8 years Judge of the Superior Court. He returned to private practice in January of 1915. Aside from his legal practice, Judge RAWLINGS is interested in agriculture, owns several thousand acres of land on which he raises corn and cotton. He is a Democrat, and belongs to the Knights of Pythias.

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ROBERT CLINTON, b. Sept. 9, 1877, Kansas; died Aug. 11, 1964, Kansas; Married (1) Minnie Miller, had children Thelma Helen, Vesta Agnes, Roy Miller; Married (2) Alta VanBuren, no children

THELMA married Kyle Engler. She was born May 9, 1904-Kansas. She and Kyle m. June 6, 1931, had children Philip V., Robert, and Janet Elizabeth.

VESTA AGNES was b. Oct. 10, 1907, m. H.M. Jones Dec.15,1958, no children.

ROY MILLER, b. March 9, 1909, d. 1988 Kansas. Married (1) Thelma Alspaugh, had children Gwendolyn and Barrel. Married (2) Helen Astle, no children.

JOHN PAUL, b. Dec. 9, 1880, Kansas, d. Nov. 19,1962, Kansas Married (1) Carrie Johnson, had 1 child, Paulina married (2) Pearl Worthen

SARAH ESTELLE "SADIE”, b. Apr.16, 1888, Kansas: d. July 11, 1955, Kansas. Married Walter Taylor, no children                                                   s87***************************************************************************

"If a man is fortunate, he will, before he dies, gather up his civilized heritage and transmit it to his children. And to his final breath he will be grateful for the inexhaustible legacy, knowing that it is our nourishing mother and our lasting life. "

W. & A. Durant

June 1991 p. 15