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I have had enough people contact me about the research they are doing. I needed to clarify my work here. I only know about the small Rawlings group that arrived in New York in July 1835. They settled almost immediately in Meigs County, Ohio. In my research to discover this group I found the Rawlin(g)s-Rollin(g)s Family History Association Newsletter. It was produced with loving care by Katherine Rawlings of Carmichael, CA. All of that work was produced on a typewriter, amazing! When Katherine decided it was time to quit in 2002, I asked her for permission to include the newsletters in a site I was building. She very kindly gave me her permission. She kept all of her research materials. I do not have them.
I had originally planned to have a database of all of the "R's" in the newsletters. But my life changed unexpectedly and I was not able to produce the site as I had wished. I am keeping the newsletters here as they have always been, but I am also going to use the site for my own as well.
I managed to connect with a cousin in California that I have never met. We are trying the best that we can to get acquainted by email and trade information. We are so closely related that she is the granddaughter of my father’s sister Gladys, whom I knew at Mae. We are both acquainted with another sister Roberta, whom I knew as Bertie and she knew as Robbie. My paternal Grandma Mary is her great-grandmother whom she has seen several times when Grandma visited California. I lived a driveway away from Grandma Mary from the ages of 4 to 7 and I lived in the same town with her until I was 13. Even after I moved away, I visited with her often until I moved to Georgia. It has been very exciting. My cousin had access to photographs of my grandfather and my great-grandmother, pictures I had never seen. As her time allows, she has been sending me photographs.
I want to create a blog of discoveries I have made while investigating family members. I have branched out to my son’s in-laws and the families of my siblings’ mates.  All families are different and I want to tell the story of mine.

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